Balance 3H Plus®  is a doctor created, medically supervised weight loss program for women ages 40+

How it Works

Dr. Kealy’s Balance 3H Plus®  Natural Weight Loss and Menopause Program is an alternative to Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT) and is designed to help women improve their quality of health. It was created to help women like you overcome hormonal imbalances.

These imbalances can lead directly to:

Food Cravings


Unwanted Weight Gain

Dr. Kealy’s Balance 3H Plus®  Natural Weight Loss and Menopause Program will free you from sugar craving, calorie counting and the roller-coaster dieting mentality. The program is designed to change your habits so that you will instinctively be eating in ways that are aligned with your female genetics and metabolic hormones.

You will learn how to integrate physical and restorative best-practices into your daily life that will help you reboot and refresh. Dr. Kealy’s program will rebalance your unique body chemistry naturally (no hormone pills or drugs) with minimal or no side effects.  This program will empower you to attain your optimal weight while putting your health first.

The medically supervised program, which is referred to as “ground breaking”, is designed to help you:

Lose Weight

Lose Fat


Through the use of natural supplements, fitness and stress reduction techniques, the program is tailored specifically to ease hormone fluctuations and reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms.  

Feel Great about Weight Loss Over 40

Join the thousands of everyday women transforming our bodies through Dr. Kealy’s Medically-Supervised Weight Loss Program for Women 40+

Natural Alternative Treatment to Hormone Replacement Therapy

As we age into menopause and during peri-menopause, hormonal imbalances doesn’t only affect our moods, but it also manifests as different issues in our body: weight gain, thinning hair, headaches, bloating, dry skin, vaginal  dryness,  aches and pains, and weakening pelvic floor muscles”.

Hi I’m Dr Siobhan Kealy,

I have enjoyed such a diverse career as a physician, wife, mother and menopause mentor to so many women. And like you, I know what’s it like to sometimes feel tired, overwhelmed, cranky, bloated, and even unattractive.

My goal is to encourage women to make positive lifestyle choices, so they can be healthier, happier and help reclaim their lives back.

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