Maintaining proper weight is a challenge for women of all ages. However, the older you get, the more difficult it can be. It has been found that 90% of women experience weight gain between the ages of 40-60, not coincidently, during perimenopause and menopause. While nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes are critical elements to weight loss, balancing your hormones and reducing overall inflammation after the imbalance that perimenopause and menopause caused, is vital to your success in maintaining a healthier weight.

Dr Kealy’s Balance 3H Plus® ( B3H+®) natural weight and menopause program is the answer for women 40 and older struggling with weight loss; it’s the first alternative program to Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT) with minimum or no side effects. Dr Kealy’s program will empower you to attain your optimal weight and rebalance your unique body chemistry naturally ( no hormone pills, no drugs) while putting your health first.


We are fortunate to be living at a time when the study of medicine is growing all around the world. Spearheaded, in part, by positive and renowned physicians like Dr Siobhan Kealy, this research proves previously elusive correlations, like the links between hormones, hunger, metabolism, and weight loss. It is also breaking completely new ground: for example, weight loss is not about calorie counting, but about creating the “correct” hormonal chemistry for fat burning and healthy cell metabolism.


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This is the most overlooked and under appreciated by the mainstream diet industry. As women approach menopause many experience symptoms which may be related to a variety of things. Likely their symptoms are caused by a decrease in anti-aging hormones ( estrogen,
progesterone, growth hormone, and testosterone) or an imbalance between certain hormones. Of course, decrease energy and weight gain could also be related to a hunger or stress hormone imbalance, sluggish thyroid, poor lifestyle and diet, even food intolerances/sensitivities. Without valid testing, we can never know which are out of balance. At Balance 3H Plus®, we first decode these deficiencies. We certainly don’t want to balance hormones that are already in adequate amounts. Dr Kealy, with her experienced anti-aging staff (who are members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging) are trained to know how to test for hormone imbalances and interpret the results.For example, let’s say a women’s estrogen, thyroid and growth hormone test results come back normal, but her sex hormone, progesterone is deficient. In this scenario, her estrogen levels being higher than her progesterone will make her more likely to gain weight around her middle. Thankfully, living with this unpleasant symptom, as she ages, does not have to be her fate. Her sex hormones can be replaced with a hormone reset diet, the right amount and type of exercise, certain lifestyle changes ( e.g. sleep, stress management, detoxification, etc.) and when necessary pharmaceutical grade supplements and the correct dose of Dr Kealy’s, nutritionally dense, functional food powders as meal replacements with real food.


To effectively reduce your body fat, you should periodically rid your body of toxins. Taking the time to properly cleanse and detox your body before you begin your weight loss regimen can jump-start your metabolism, reduce chronic inflammation, eliminate food cravings, increase your energy, give you mental clarity, and ultimately optimize your weight loss goals. We live in a toxic world-toxins are everywhere-in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath, in our cleaning products, our cosmetics, deodorants, linens, and even in the medications we take. Scientists have discovered that these food and environmental toxins wreak havoc on our bodies, making us ill, and in many cases, overweight and diabetic. Once inside your body, these chemicals can also disrupt your endocrine system ( including thyroid function), hormones, and thus your ability to absorb nutrients, metabolize cholesterol, and balance blood sugar effectively, often leading to obesity and insulin resistance.
Dr Kealy’s program provides targeted nutrients that will help your body gently dispose of the toxic buildup that has been accumulating in your body for years, while helping to wean you off of sugar, tobacco, and alcohol.  After the 1 week pre-cleanse and the 2 week detox, you will likely feel healthier, lighter, less bloated, more energetic, and more confident than you have in a long time.


includes a customized lean body, whole food and pharmaceutical grade supplement plan for the unique dietary needs of women experiencing the hormonal transition. It is designed for easy, safe, and quick fat loss, while maintaining valuable muscle. Each patients nutrition and supplement plan helps restore hormonal harmony, resets appetite, eliminate food cravings, and alleviates the most common menopausal symptoms allowing them to look, feel, and perform their best.

Dr Kealy’s B3H+® weight loss center in Harrison NY, sports the hormonal “Best in Class” staff. From physicians, nutritionists, stress psychologists, and fitness experts, the following thought leaders are the class ‘5’ team; Dr Siobhan Kealy, nutritionists Jacqui Justice, Angela Schiz, Louise Proia, and fitness expert Lisa Avellino. They are all vanguards of new paradigm medicine ; they aim to repair and prevent rather than postpone the inevitable or mask symptoms with the newest drug or antidepressant. Change agents, super smarty pants, nutritional geniuses, hormone pundits, fitness virtuosos-whatever you chose to call them, this is the team you need to trust and turn to, when addressing your menopausal issues.

Dr Kealy’s B3H+® weight loss center continues to set new standards of excellence in support of menopausal women through research, innovation, advance technologies, and continued education.

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Some patients are ineligible to receive Dr Kealy’s B3H+® program. Your medical consultant will ask you about your medical history, motivation, medications, and frame of mind-and will determine eligibility for the program. Additionally, at the time of your consultation, your medical consultant may identify internal and external medical issues, which may qualify you to be a patient of Dr Kealy’s.

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